Market Entry & Strategy Formulation

Developing tailor-made, custom strategies for the MEA

Is your company equipped to mine the vast opportunities offered by the fast growing Middle East & Africa markets? Will your existing North American and European business models work in the MEA region? Does your business have the first hand, in-house, regional knowledge to make the most of the MEA boom? Does your team understand the requirements of each market?

Your business typically falls into one of these four quadrants:

  • Currently we are considering the region’s potential and don’t know where to start.
  • Our business is entering the region and needs a thorough business model evaluation to make it market-ready for MEA.
  • We are already in the MEA but we know we can do better.
  • We’re in the region and struggling with our partners.  

If you recognise one of these challenges, and you have sought out the Incubeemea website, then you’re back on track already!

Incubeemea develops relevant, impactful strategies to help businesses compete in the multi-faceted and fast-moving MEA markets. We help you make the most of this huge opportunity.

Combining a 360° strategic review, to unravel, reposition and - if necessary - evolve your current business models to meet the regional requirement, we shape a bespoke route to region and go with you, hand-in-hand, to develop winning market strategies.

“Working together with you, Incubeemea serves as your trusted and candid advisor, preventing you from shooting from the hip in MEA, and therefore keeping you away from Performance Trauma Wards© and Board Rehabilitation Centres©” says CEO/CWO Ali Borhani.

What we tackle & deliver?

  • Have you conducted a ‘Route-to-Region’ evaluation?
  • Does the region fit alongside your current operation(s), and what role does it have in your future growth plans?
  • Does your business have a grip on local and regional relationships, and the different markets?
  • Where are the most tangible market opportunities for your services and products?
  • Are your internal capabilities and capacities in alignment with the ‘Emotional and Cultural Quotient’ of the region?
  • Are you able to defend your regional strategy at board level? Have you missed anything?
  • In a nutshell, can your go-to-market strategy be optimised?

Our client profile

CEOs, Heads of Family Businesses & Emerging Markets, Regional and Managing Directors in MEA.


Incubeemea targets growth - responsible and sustainable growth. We perform as Corporate Fatigue Therapists. By utilising a proven methodology that is strategy-driven, yet human-centric, we identify opportunities through a methodical and bespoke hands-on engagement. Through a pre, during and post-mandate engagement we help you to formulate strategies to shape continuous growth, and continue to support and shadow you on an ongoing basis, making adjustments when and where needed, to ensure you have a winning approach.

“Incubeemea provides the 20/20 vision many of us are lacking for focusing too much on details. The firm's depth and breadth of expertise allows it to paint a bigger picture and therefore help its clients achieve more than they even thought possible.”
Eric Mirabel, Regional Executive Director - Marketing, Omnicom Media Group MENA