Rapid Integration Programme

Are you a senior executive new to MEA?

  • Is your head office demanding improved results, without providing more resources to help deliver the targets?
  • How are you conveying the need for increased support to your Heads of Emerging Markets, and Regional /International Operating Board?
  • Does operating in the MEA now seem a bit more challenging?
  • When was the last time you had the luxury of stepping back to consider your MEA strategy?

Welcome to Incubeemea’s Rapid Integration Programme, where we become your ‘Strategic Provocateur’, helping you to shape, formulate and effectively communicate the necessary messages back to your HQ, and better highlight the challenges alongside the opportunity, amplify the resources you need, and provide sharper clarity and focus to the competitive landscape.

Many multinationals send their ‘high potentials’ to the MEA region as a warm-up exercise. All too often, MEA is the breeding and testing ground for the next generation of senior international managers.

But high-flying executives from HQs around the world arrive in the MEA to find a very different landscape, culturally, emotionally and in terms of business.

The track record of many senior executives in MEA highlights the importance of, and need for, our pragmatic, trusted and expert advisory service, that goes light years beyond the clichés of cultural orientation programmes.

The Incubeemea focus is based on a unique approach and methodology, which is centred around sparking a new way of thinking in line with the region, engaging capabilities to the fullest extent, navigating and leading teams, and welding the strategies and roadmap to results.

We understand the motifs, and the cultural and social dynamics of your partners: we are from their ecosystem.

While many of your regional business heads come and go, we are here on the ground. We are in tune with Middle East & African markets, and chime to their rhythm on a daily basis. We can drastically enhance your understanding of your partners’ hidden capabilities, and under-utilised capacities. We see potential risks, and new opportunities.

  • We will help engage and energise the leadership team in the region.
  • We will ensure your strategy has a regional buy-in from team, clients and partners.
  • We will help you formulate and deploy a strategy that welds the roadmap and resources to results.

Ancient Chinese history shows the importance and value of an outspoken, but sincere critic, a ‘Zhengyou’ or ‘candid friend’ whose job is to speak the truth as the basis of a sincere and lasting partnership. That’s our role at Incubeemea.

Please contact us to find out more.

“Incubeemea embodies important and unique elements in the way companies use advisors and experts by defining breakthrough business strategies in the Middle East. The depth of business knowledge is accompanied with a unique ability to challenge the conventional norms of doing business in the region. They truly help in bringing outside the box thinking into culturally diversified organisations and constantly changing markets”
Yousef Atwan, Regional Director ME&A - Logitech