Playing Field

The Playing Field

Incubeemea is based in the UAE, in Dubai, the preeminent regional business hub that connects America and Europe to the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Today, around 30 per cent of the world’s population lives within a four-hour flight time. Dubai has become a global travel hub, in addition to being one of the world’s most popular destinations for tourism and leisure, and alongside its role as a major centre of international business and trade.

The region, MEA, is home to more than 1.2 billion people, and has one of the youngest populations on the planet. It’s going through ‘incubation’ and, without exaggeration, each corner is transforming rapidly.

In MEA each market increasingly needs to be dealt with separately, and that a blanket approach just won't work in the region.

There’s a need for the creation of new jobs and employment for the young and talented workforce.

But taken together with the region’s access to vast and competitively priced natural resources, the future looks bright for investment, growth and the development of a thriving consumer base. Does your business have a firm grip on its direction and strategy in the MEA, and are you confident of that approach?

The growth rates of the region for the past half-decade have, in some cases, even surpassed those of Asia and Brazil.

A Chinese saying notes: ‘A forest grows in silence, but once a tree falls the entire jungle hears the voice’.

Middle East & Africa is generating a lot of good stories, but are you able to read them without help and support?