Operational Consulting

It’s a new Middle East & Africa. Today there are different challenges, but the obstacles are far outweighed by the enormous, and rapidly growing, number of opportunities.

What conversations and dialogues are you having with your clients and partners in MEA? Are you always talking about prices and operational issues, or have you moved on to performance and growth discussions?

Quite often trade and business relationships in MEA resemble an old marriage, a relationship that has been taken for granted without an honest and sincere discussion about one another’s business goals, strategic ambitions and growth aspirations. And they generally don’t consider the changing regional and local dynamics.

The key operational and performance questions we tackle include:

  • Are your operations focused on the true potential for new market opportunities?
  • Are you in full alignment with your distributors and partners? How are you planning and managing the partner/distributor lifecycle?
  • When was the last time that you conducted a DMA (Distributor Mindset Audit)?
  • Does the market see you as a ‘box mover’, or a strategic market shaper in tune with customers’ needs?
  • How can you accelerate your growth strategy?
  • Is there more to marketing in MEA than traditional ATL, BTL, and new age online?
  • Are you maximizing the ROI for your marketing budgets?
  • Could marketing in MEA be more personal? One on one? How?

We moderate and organise face-to-face dialogues that go way beyond annual sales and target planning between our clients and their partners. In other words, we help our clients and their distributors to take a collaborative look at how to enhance their mutual profitability. Together we work on identifying practical growth milestones.

To this end, the team at Incubeemea will work and challenge your senior management to fully understand the priorities, before taking a deep look at market level to fine-tune the distribution engine.

The team will go beyond the jargon and clichés to craft a language that can be understood on the ground, in the market, and will create impact.

We are hands on, and believe that the job only starts after providing the usual deck of Powerpoint presentations, when it’s time to implement those recommendations, prepare the ground and get deep inside the mind-set of your existing or potential partners.

Our clients

CEOs, Regional Heads of Businesses in MEA, Directors of Sales & Marketing.

“Although Incubeemea has no magic carpet,  the firm can certainly make the journey into difficult terrain smoother, more enlightening and more enjoyable, with sharp insight, probing thought and sparkling wit.”
Graeme Bradstock, Head of Region - Lindt & Sprüngli (Schweiz) AG, MEAI Regional Office