Iran Hotel & Hospitality Report

The Iran Hotel & Hospitality Report is an Industry First, unique and comprehensive white paper, providing a candid analysis and insight into the opportunities that this last frontier market has to offer to the travel and tourism industry. 

These 3 issues of white papers have been put together after more than 24 months of in depth research into the growth scenarios, challenges and developments taking place in the industry, and what the developers, investors, hotel operators, investment houses, family businesses and the broader stake holders in the hospitality industry can anticipate in this untapped market. 

In each issue, we have tackled major fatcors that influence the decision making of investors, developers and operators and brands. Our first two issues that were launched back in May 2015 and Sep 2015 have been recievd very well by Sr. Key Decision Makers in the industry. Some of the many headlines that you can anticipate in these reports cover: 

  • Country Overview,& Global Assumptions
  • Why Invest in Iran's Hotel Industry? 
  • What Makes Iran the Most Interesting Future Tourism Destination
  • Government Priorities for the Travel & Tourism Sector
  • Foreign Ownership, Land & Property Rights
  • The Development Costs 
  • FDI & FIPPA, The Hospitality Lens
  • Industry Tax Incentives and Financing
  • Current & Expected Tourism Statistics 
  • Destinations Tehran, Esfahan and Shiraz each with a complete chapter
  • And Much More....
  One Issue     2 Issues    Bundle Offer 3 Issues
Single & Bundle Price USD 900 USD 1,300  USD 1,700

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We thank you for your engagement, welcome your feedback and genuinely hope that this document can be practical toolkit for your business planning in this sector and market.