Add Incubeemea into the local community, and 'Incubemunity' is the result!

Incubeemea is more than just a consulting firm. We aim to give back something bigger to the region, societies and communities in which
we operate. It’s our mantra, and is at the very heart of our approach.

Incubeemea is a passionate corporate citizen in MEA.

We strive to be part of the daily engagements, initiatives, causes
and efforts that are now, wrongly, branded as ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’.

Part of our time and even more of our passion is earmarked for coaching and mentoring young professionals. We collaborate and volunteer with Injaz (UAE Chapter) that is mandated to assist Young Arab Entrepreneurs in the UAE, and we also work in collaboration with Mowgli

The Mowgli mission is to provide mentors who inspire, support and empower entrepreneurs in achieving their business and personal potential, encouraging sustainable job creation and social and economic development.

Smile contribution

We whole heartedly beleive thay every solution begins with a smile.
In business, world affairs or social matters the price of a genuine and heartfelt smile is always underestimated.

That’s why part of our annual income is earmarked to help financially underprivileged children who have been born with Cleft Palate Conditions.

We want to help children to be able to smile and that is why we sincerely support the Smile Foundatioin UAE.