Spark is a new way of looking at the opportunities in the MEA region.

Many of the existing teachings about MEA as a region are clichés, stereotypes and counterproductive to growth and harmony. Sometimes, we need to ‘unlearn’ rather than learn.

We Engage.

That means we engage the best talent in-house, within Incubeemea. We also reach out to engage a wise and wide selection of experts and expertise, both of which have a positive impact on our offer and approach.

We engage with the end users, consumers, clients and communities in which we operate and work. Dialogue and exchange is the best way of developing new opportunities. We also help Navigate. MEA is a diverse, vast, hugely populated region, with close to 65% under the age of 30, and with each country very different to its neighbour.

Incubeemea’s impact is delivered through engagement and fusion.

Finally, we Weld.

Around the world, words are cheap, and promises often short lived. But in MEA, a region where trust and promises are pivotal in society, welding goes beyond connecting: beyond building relationships.

It goes to the heart of not only delivering sustainable and mutually beneficial results, but also forging and establishing lasting bonds and relationships.

intelligent quotient

MNC’s have a strong Intelligent Quotient in their established markets, heavy research and development budgets and a proven way of working in advanced market economies, yet their IQ is often put to test in vibrant and evolving emerging markets.

emotional quotient

The simple rule for better performance in the Middle East & African markets, and working with partners, is to understand that, despite the fast integration of technology in many of these markets, the key driving force remains the "Emotional Quotient."

strategy quotient

Strategy is an over-used and exhausted terminology in the corporate world. In many cases it's the vital muscle to move companies forward into new markets. But in MEA the same muscle will need to have a different warm-up routine, and new stretches and exercises, to cope with the different demands of these emerging and fast moving markets.

cultural quotient

The MEA’s rich culture is often hidden to visitors and newcomers. But the region is fiercely proud of its ancestries, and shows very little forgiveness to companies and MNC’s that have missed or overlooked the fact, or those that are quick to discount the unique heritage.