Fostering Bespoke Partnerships

Companies entering the MEA market with innovative products and cutting-edge technology solutions are often either too early, or too late. It’s not unusual for them to miss the boat, or even to catch the wrong boat altogether!

Many companies, from proven centres of excellence around the globe, find themselves somewhat bewildered as to why their paradigm changing products and services don’t make an instant regional breakthrough.

At Incubeemea we help our clients to conduct a closer, deeper assessment of the strategic fit of their market enablement requirements, including their search for strategic joint venture partners.

Supported by the organisation’s expert advisory board, and with access to a roster of some of the most respected opinion formers and leaders in the region, we are well positioned to provide an agile assessment of how, when, where and with whom to create high-performance strategic partnerships.

We marry the technology with intelligent capital.

Intelligent capital goes beyond just providing cash, and its impact is wider since it takes the lead on the development of downstream B2B and B2C channels for the selected services, products and technologies.

We deliver a bespoke solution through our network of relationships with various stakeholders, and maintain an impactful and trustworthy advocacy.

Our clients

CEOs of companies in the EU and US, SWFs in the region, private family businesses and key industrial groups in MEA.