The Middle East & Africa region (MEA) is booming, at the same time as it navigates some of the most profound changes in its history. Paradigms are shifting, new markets are being shaped, and many old business models and tried and tested approaches reappraised, revised and replaced.

The commercial opportunity is enormous, and growing fast, but success can only be achieved with the right inside knowledge and strategic approach.

  • Are you equipped with internal resources, ‘the bandwidth’, MEA expertise and strategic know-how to make the most of this incredible opportunity?
  • Can you make sense of the rapid changes, the shifting sands of business and politics across the territory?
  • In short, can your business succeed in this challenging, fast-growing, and potentially richly rewarding marketplace?

Incubeemea is a boutique strategic advisory firm with a clear focus on MEA, supported by an outstanding advisory board, offering decades of insight and wisdom, real-world regional expertise, and local business acumen. The board features some of today’s most respected regional business leaders. They continue to lead and deliver for their own organisations, but are now prepared to give your business the benefit of their intimate inside knowledge.

Our organisation will help you filter the facts from the fiction, and set your business on the fast track to success in MEA. We'll cut away the misleading noise and chatter, and tune you in to the rhythm of the market. Incubeemea will help you formulate a winning strategy, and then help you execute the plan.

Our expertise is shaped around:

  • Consumer Products
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Industrial Goods & Services
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

"We'll help you create coherent strategies in the MEA in harmony with local and regional business practices, and forge closer alignments between you and your business partners,”

“These sharpened senses of what's required in the region, and new strategic agility, will position you well ahead of the game."

"Our mission is to spark new ways of looking at opportunities and, based on our open architecture, engage the best of the capacities and talents in our engagements, leading and navigating our clients in the MEA terrain and pragmatically welding them to their desired goals and objectives."

We can help you in the MEA. Email or call to find out how.