Incubeemea is a MEA-focused
strategic advisory firm...

We help family businesses, private
companies, regional and international

Formulating tailor-made solutions
that foster impactful and sustainable
growth, and true regional coherence.

“Incube-e-mea” stands for the incubation of emerging Middle East & Africa. We are a boutique strategic advisory firm with a unique Corporate Fatigue Therapist® methodology, with which we work with you to identify pressure points and headwinds in your MEA strategy. More


Consider decades of unparalleled experience, backed by an advisory board of globally respected experts across key industries and pair that...
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Brand + Approach

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? We would start to spark. Spark is a new way of looking at the opportunities in the MEA region...
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Incubeemea is more than just a consulting firm. We aim to give back something bigger to the region, societies and communities in which we operate...
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Playing Field

Incubeemea is based in the UAE, in Dubai, the preeminent regional business hub that connects America and Europe to the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
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